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A place to go to read FREE works of literature and poetry about trans men, cis men and other topics of interest to our viewers. All the material on this page is free and available for your enjoyment. Check out our Vocabulary page or click here to read a non-erotic discussion about transgender men.

WARNING: These works are copyrighted and any unauthorized use, publication, distribution, redistribution, and/or violation of this copyrighted material is strictly prohibited under penalty of law. This means you may not share this file with anyone else or publish it anywhere!!! THANK YOU!

Literature - FREE

This is a free 22 chapter eBook about one cisguy's journey into discovering transmen. It is very raw and sexual, with graphic descriptions of the sex he has, there are some insights into his journey along the way but a lot of sex because the genesis of this book was to exchange erotic jacking off tales with a friend. If you would like to read it you may download it here: Transitions: One Man's Journey Into Discovering Trans Men, Vol. 1 or click the book cover below



Short Stories - FREE

Free short erotic stories about transgender and cisgender men having sex (note: many of these are unedited first or second drafts and are strictly for entertainment - hey, they're free!)

The Poker Game - Click here to read this short story

The Camping Trip - Part I - Click here to read this short story

The Camping Trip - Part II - Click here to read this short story

Eli's Rendezvous - Click here to read this short story


Poetry - FREE

A Poem to My Mother

Click on the title above to read the poem by an anonymous writer.

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Poem to My Mother