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Why This Site?


About Us

We created this website to encourage more cis and trans male interaction through literature, video, art and discussion. Many trans men are interested in cis men, and vice versa, but there are so few good videos or books written about the interaction of cis and trans men. Fortunately, there are more and more websites sprouting up every day to help trans men along their transition. We encourage any trans man who needs support or wants to learn more about his options to check out our Education link to the left which provides a suicide hotline number and various links to help find support.

This site was created to help trans and cis men to learn more about each other and provide a place for entertainment, interaction and education. Many of you are experienced and are just looking for high quality literature, video and art to explore or enhance your interest in cis/trans male interaction. We hope you enjoy this site and recommend it to your friends.

Other trans men are inexperienced and have a curiosity or interest in cis men but are afraid or don't know where to begin. We have heard time and time again about the need for a place to explore and meet cis men in a non-hostile, non-threatening, and non-degrading venue. Many inexperienced trans men want to know what it is like to be with a cis man, to experience a cis cock and/or simply explore a sexual interaction with a cis man but are afraid to ask questions or act upon that desire for fear of being ridiculed or worse.

Hopefully, this website will help ease those fears and educate all of us that there are many friendly, respectful and eager cis men who want to meet trans men, and vice versa. We want to encourage cis/trans interaction through education and entertainment which will help all of us understand each other a bit better.

Along those same lines, there are many cis men who have come to appreciate trans men and the beauty and spirituality they bring to their lives. These men don't know where to go to met trans men, other than the superficial and often unfulfilling hook ups on Craigslist. This site is equally dedicated to those cis men who want to learn about trans men and find a place to met a trans man for a meaningful relationship, be it sexual or romantic.

As we grow and explore our role in the trans/cis community we hope to inspire relationships and the acceptance of the fact trans men and cis men can love one another without diminishing one's maleness or gender identity.

Our goal is to create a place for trans men and cis men alike to visit to explore their interest in a cis/trans relationship, be it sexual, spiritual, romantic or simply expanding friendships. We operate under one simple philosophy: everyone should be allowed to explore and become whoever he is without boundaries, parameters or societal expectations.

In that vein we want to talk about safer sex and our site.

Safer Sex

We strongly support safer sex practices. There is no such thing as "safe sex," that is a misnomer. There is risk to having sex with another person no matter how cautious you are. Using condoms and other barriers reduces the risk significantly of disease but they do not eliminate it. Condoms break, are misused or tear if there isn't enough lubrication, for example. Oral sex is relatively safer for HIV but does have risk for other diseases.

Our models choose for themselves what barriers they will use and other safer sex practices. We test every model before we shoot, but there is still a window period of three months for HIV and various other time-periods for other diseases that will not show up on standard tests. We debated whether we would require our models to use barriers and decided our website is dedicated to authentic life actions and interactions, we will allow each model to make that decison for himself.

On this page and elsewhere on our site we will encourage men to research and determine what is right for you, what risks you're willing to take. We do not believe in a "one-size-fits-all" mentality for every man or his behaviors. Some people will condemn us for having bareback sex on this site. We accept their criticism and respectfully submit that the main message of this site is that everyone should be treated as a free-minded individual who should be allowed to live his life as he sees fit, to love who he wants and above all be true to himself and his values and beliefs, not have to conform to some "transpolice" or any other judgmental group that wants to tell others how to live their lives.


Trans/Cis Male Symbols

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