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Trans Male Erotica is proud to present a frank discussion of surgery, transition and adult entertainment with Kipp Slinger - see the story & video below the following editorial.

Words Have Power - An Editorial

Words have power. People use words all the time to claim power and hurt and injure others. Most of us who follow this site have been hurt by insensitive words in the past, some far more than others. The words I want to question are "fetishist," “objectifier,” "creeper," "chaser" and "predator." All of these words may have a legitimate place in our lexicon, but they are far too often used to injure people for illegitimate reasons. Just like the "n-word," "dyke," "fag," "gay," "queer," and "tranny" have been used in the past, and still today, to attempt to slur people based on ignorance and fear, there are far too many men who like to label cis men with these code words. These haters use these words as a weapon to delegitimize others for their own gain, be it psychological or perhaps financial, or just plain hurt over the sour breakup of a relationship.

There are people that sometimes mean harm to a particular group of people and should be shunned for their cruelty or loathsome behavior, but we should never use these derogatory words lightly. Unfortunately, because so many transgender people have been ridiculed, slandered, intimidated, physically hurt and emotionally scarred by ignorant and cruel behavior many of them are on the guard to protect themselves and their friends from further pain and cruelty. They are quick to jump on the bandwagon of a fellow man's accusations without evaluating the legitimacy of the claim.

What many people don't recognize is that words have power and to use that power to damn a man, or woman, any person for that matter, one should check out the facts and know the truth before passing along those insults or code words to trigger hatred. We as a community of humans have to work together to reject bigotry of all types, including bigotry against cis men who may have had all the advantages growing up in a cis male-dominated society, but nonetheless deserve to be treated with the respect and dignity which should be afforded to all of us.

Part of that respect is to reject words used as weapons of hatred, revenge or political gain against any human being. Unfortunately, the history of the United States is littered with examples of individuals and sometimes large groups of persons of dubious intentions labeling innocent people out of ignorance, fear or the attempt to further their lives at the expense of others. I hope that the next time you hear the word "fetishist," "predator," "chaser," or "creeper" you'll take the time to evaluate the power of these words and how they have come to be used by some people to illegitimately harm others.

I remember when I was younger and one of the worst slurs a person could use was to call someone a “queer.”  It is so satisfying for me to see the queer community come to own that word and diminish its negative power, to in essence turn the word into a positive for them and their friends, family and loved ones.  Unlike words like “queer,” “dyke,” “fag,” and some other previously hurtful words, cis men can’t take these harmful words and own them to take back the power of these words.  Instead many cismen have been ostracized from the trans-community because they pissed off the wrong man, went through a messy break up, or stood in the way of another’s financial success.

This site was created and exists to express our strong desire that everyone be treated with respect and love regardless of who they are and what they believe.   Our goal, stated throughout this site, is to reject hatred and bigotry and embrace love, tolerance and acceptance of our fellow man.  

I hope all of us will remember that words have power and don’t let that power be misused and abused by people with less-than-stellar motives.

Chris Gilbert
Editor in Chief


A Conversation with Kipp Slinger

These two videos feature an open and honest discussion with Kipp Slinger, one of our newest models, one month after his two surgeries. Our conversation includes issues concerning his transition, surgery, frustrations, effects of testosterone, his decision to become an adult content video star and his secret fantasy. Kipp shares with us the story of his surgery, including liposuction to reduce his hip size. He shows us his before and after photos along with a live nude dicussion of the successes and challenges of his surgeries. There are two parts to the interview.

In Part 1 Kipp discusses his decision to transition, his challenges he faced, his surgeries, including full nude before and after photos and video.

In Part 2 Kipp discusses the effects of testosterone on his sex drive, further challenges he faces, his decision to become an adult video star and his secret fantasy.

Kipp Slinger Interview Part 1:(21:23)

WARNING: there is full frontal nudity in this video but no sex scenes


Kipp Slinger Interview Part 2: (11:45)


Safer Sex

We strongly support safer sex practices. There is no such thing as "safe sex," that is a misnomer. There is risk to having sex with another person no matter how cautious you are. Using condoms and other barriers reduces the risk significantly of disease but they do not eliminate it. Condoms break, are misused or tear if there isn't enough lubrication, for example. Oral sex is relatively safer for HIV but does have risk for other diseases.

Our models choose for themselves what barriers they will use and other safer sex practices. We test every model before we shoot, but there is still a window period of three months for HIV and various other time-periods for other diseases that will not show up on standard tests. We debated whether we would require our models to use barriers and decided our website is dedicated to authentic life actions and interactions, we will allow each model to make that decison for himself.

On this page and elsewhere on our site we will encourage men to research and determine what is right for you, what risks you're willing to take. We do not believe in a "one-size-fits-all" mentality for every man or his behaviors. Some people will condemn us for having bareback sex on this site. We accept their criticism and respectfully submit that the main message of this site is that everyone should be treated as a free-minded individual who should be allowed to live his life as he sees fit, to love who he wants and above all be true to himself and his values and beliefs, not have to conform to some "transpolice" or any other judgmental group that wants to tell others how to live their lives.