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Luka is our first model and hottie. He is 27 years old and enjoys reading and playing video games. He is currently working at two jobs which keeps him plenty busy. When Luka has free time he likes to hang out with his friends and go clubbing with his girlfriend.

Luka loves sex, who doesn't right? When his girlfriend left for the summer he did a lot of masturbating (click the top picture of Luka to download his video and the second picture to view photos of him in Heavy Petting).

Later in the summer Luka got bored with just watching porn and jacking off so he placed an ad on the web and met up with a couple of guys. He tried to be good but he got into some heavy petting and a bit more. Our cameras caught up with his first tryst with Moe and later with the Tongue in June of 2013. (click on the picture to see a sneak peek and order the video - COMING SOON).

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