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Transitions: One Man's Journey...


Transitions: One Man's Journey Into Discovering Transgender Men

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This non-fiction ebook is the true story about how an unsatisfied married cis man transformed into a primarily gay cis man who is exclusively attracted to trans men. As noted in the Introduction to this eBook, all the names of the transgender men have been changed, along with ages and locations to maintain absolute discretion.

Transitions... Vol. 1 is 22 chapters (154 pages) of every intimate detail of the author's experiences with the first ten trans men he meets. Follow his quest for the perfect mate and how it led him to a new understanding of his sexuality and that of the ten trans men he met along the way. The writing is honest and raw giving the reader total insight into the author's feelings and emotions as he discovers his love of trans men and a yearning to find a life partner who is a transgender male. See below for excerpts from the book.

Warning This ebook contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts throughout the book. Transitions: Vol. 1 is honest, raw and highly sexual. From the author:

"I wrote this work shortly after I met the tenth trans guy in my life. The ebook's genesis arose from emailing a trans male friend from another city who wanted to know about my first time with a trans man and in exchange he would tell me about his first time with a cis guy and we could compare notes.  We began exchanging sex stories, he loved my writing and used it as a vehicle to jack off to.  He begged me for more, so I began telling him about the various guys I met along the way as I explored the notion of dating trans men exclusively.  I tell the journey in raw real time as I was learning and experiencing the most awesome journey of my life.  Of course, it might sound like I am objectifying and perhaps fetishizing to some guys because at first it was all about sex, I was just trying to get laid as I was coming out of a marriage to a cis woman.  The mental space I was in at that time made me see things through a very narrow lens.  I was struggling with my strong attraction to men and my desire to enjoy the front hole.  The first guy I met, Arizona, was a great transition for me because he understood where I was coming from and even used the word "pussy" to describe his front hole (later I learned how offensive that word can be to some men and tried to quit using it unless prompted to do so).  He was great in that he helped me understand his transition and struggles he had up until that point.  He was in a very good place in his life and was confident by time I met him, although he had a very difficult and discriminatory time getting there.  He was very patient with me and my ignorance. He took the time to help me understand and appreciate him as a male and the struggles he went through to be accepted as a male while he was exclusively interested in cis men. That was super hard for him because so many other trans guys told him he couldn't be truly "male" if he liked cis men as his choice for a partner." 

"I wasn't expecting to meet a trans man, never thought about it.  The experience was totally spontaneous and organic; so, the writing is from that point of view.  Guys who judge me on my understanding and attitude at the time makes sense to me, I was an ignorant fool who was asking questions I shouldn't have, but they are questions so many cis guys have when they first meet a trans man.  I was not evolved to the place I am today, but to be true to my writing I have to take the reader on my journey, so there is an ignorance and perhaps offensive attitude as I learned and began to appreciate trans men.  Again, I totally get guys who have no patience for this story because they have put up with the insulting, and frankly hurtful, questions and attitudes of fetishist and newbies in their lives, and they feel compelled to assign me that value when they read the work.  I get it and try to warn them not to read the eBook.  I used to give it out free and got tons of feedback from "hotter than hell" to it was just a collection of "fetishist essays."   The latter is from guys who wanted to read something beyond sexual experimentation and understanding, they are offended by my enthusiasm for trans men and mistake it for objectifying or fetishizing when that is not what was happening at all." 

"I was going through the experience of meeting and exploring with trans men, it was very hard to meet a guy who wanted a romantic evolvement with a cis man.  It was a lot easier to find guys who wanted sex only, most of them had girlfriends and were just satisfying a primal lust for no strings attached sex. As you will read, I respected transgender men from the very beginning, but I didn't understand some of the issues that are unique and challenging for them. Further, I struggled with my desire for more than just sex and the resistence the first ten men gave me toward developing a long term lover-type relationship.  I was going to write a second volume where I document how I actually met a few guys who did the lover-thing with me and how awesome that was, but I am torn by the criticism I have received about whether I am fetishizing trans men or betraying secrets by sharing my story.  I withdrew my writings completely for years and finally some trans men I really respect and admire convinced me I had to have thicker skin and if I let any criticism or charge of fetishizing affect me I would never find a guy or be able to share my journey.  As with any honest writing where the author shares his deep personal feelings and emotions, there are going to be people who don't like it or find it offensive.  I have to accept that and given my caring nature to not hurt anyone include a warning... so, now you have it. If you want to know what a very sexual and complicated cis man experienced as he discovered transgender men please read and enjoy. If you're easily offended by a man who is uber-enthusiastic about sex and might find that enthusiasm offensive as a form of fetishizing or objectifying then I would recommend you don't read it. Thanks!"

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Excerpts from the publication:

"I have always been a sexual being.  I don’t know if it is innate or if my introduction to pornography at an early age had some influence or not... I topped a few cis guys and sucked some cis cock in my life, I even bottomed a couple of times...I was horny and on Manhunt searching for a blow job when I ran across my first trans guy’s ad...I kept coming up with these partial images of parts of his body but couldn’t put the whole picture together. I was nervous but tremendously excited...He stood up and I saw his full front naked for the first time and I damn near came..."

"I looked down and saw my cock dripping wet with his juices, literally dripping with his juices.  It was the most incredible sight of my life until that moment...  My shaft was sliding in and out of his hole...I ran my hands down to his thighs and was awestruck by how muscular and big they were, they didn’t fit his body...I opened his thighs as far as I could and realized this wasn’t going to be easy but it was really quite exciting...That is all I needed and it started, the launch sequence had begun, down deep in my groin as the first shot came flying out of my prostate blasting deep into the back of his canal...I oscillated between I wish I had never met him to how lucky I was to spend just that little time with a man I knew had changed my life forever..."

"I hate to admit this, but this was my most favorite time with him...I kept telling him I thought he was incredibly hot, the hottest man I was lucky enough to sleep with...I gently pushed harder to break his sphincter’s resistance.  Suddenly, he opened and I sunk in slowly, very slowly.  Inch by inch I pushed a bit further in, stopping for him to adjust then pressing again...I wanted so badly to beg him to stay, I would give up everything I had right then to be with him..."

"He was married to a woman and was very happy with her and loved their sex life but had been aching to touch and play with a cis cock for a long time...As I sucked and swirled my tongue around his t-cock he moaned even louder and squeezed his hips around my head...I laughed to myself thinking that 30 seconds was the longest time my cock had gone without him holding it or sucking it for the 45 minutes he had been there...I finally slid my knees up close to him and pressed his legs wide, opening him for penetration..."

"I damn near came, it was the first time a guy wanted to kiss me...I got on my knees and started to lick and suck his t-cock like Max had taught me...He reached up and grabbed my head and forced it down to his and he kissed me hard...I could think of nothing but MY cum filling the hottest man on earth...There was a strange hesitation when we parted.  I thought about it all the way back to the hotel...He was licking up and down my shaft and slobbering all over my head...I knew one thing for sure, there was a long hurt ahead of me and I wondered if it was worth it..."

"Wes and I had agreed to do the threesome with Brian the next day...I crawled up between his legs and stuck my nose right up to it to take in his sweet aroma...I glanced back at the night stand and saw the two unopened condoms and looked back at his hole...I wanted to pinch myself, not more than 95 minutes ago my plane was touching down on the tarmac at SFO...I knew he was close because he was breathing heavily...He was model-hot, the hottest man I had ever seen in person and he was going to have sex with me..."   

"However, they all share one thing, they are men at their core, their very existence...I looked at his very small ass, it was smaller than his pictures and hotter...His t-cock was really long and jetted out of his little body.  I reached for it as it seemed so big I had to touch it...I come back to gender identity versus sexual orientation...I was so excited that I was going to see him again and I knew we would have the most awesome sex...I stuck the huge mushroom up to his ass and held it there...My cock flopped out and I looked down and saw my cum oozing out of his hole...I knew there was nothing to say but goodbye and I asked for one last kiss..."

"Throw in a battle to gain acceptance for your gender identity that you yourself are struggling to validate and you may understand what a very difficult journey most trans men face.  I applaud them and their courage and strength to come out the other side mostly whole, and sadly morn those who didn’t make it."

What are readers saying about Transitions...?

"I jacked off three times the first day I started to read it... totally awesome...THANKS"

"I loved the last chapter, everyone should read it...you get at the core of my experience, thanks"

"I have been looking for hot stories of men fucking FTMs and your book is just what I'd hoped for...I rub one out every night"

"Would love to see more volumes... It's raw and engaging -- lots of honesty and self-awareness behind this work"

"I jerked off several times while reading them [the stories]... if you want to send more I would love to read them"

"So are you planning to try to publish these adventures into a collection? Seems like you could and have great success selling it"

"Your stories about Wes are super hot, I would love to be in his shoes..."

"It is not what I was expecting but wow it is surely erotic as hell... please write more"

"So much __ juice came out of my __ last night while I was reading about the __ incident. You are a NAUGHTY boy, my friend, but it was fucking HOT...OH MAN! I was bouncing up and down on my dildo and squeezing it..."

"You are a really good writer - insightful and inspiring. And erotic, too."

"The description of your cock entering his hole is incredible... you make me want to go out and fuck the next cock that comes along...when are you going to have more stories?"

"Its about time someone wrote some hot trans porn...thanks... I only wish there was more..."

"This book is very sexual but still you manage to share some well-developed thoughts about transgender men... I must admit I am surprised by your insight"

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