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Kipp Slinger


Kipp Slinger

All of Kipp's videos are now available for free! - DON'T MISS the super hot video of him and Astro - click on the photo to the right entitled "An Afternoon of Poker - Pt 2" to watch or download the video or just. Or, if you want to watch Kipp with his favorite toy in a hot solo video click on the photo entitled "Kipp's Toy". Finally, we have released ""An Afternoon of Poker - Pt 1" and it is now available just click the photo to viuew or download.

Kipp is one of our newer models and incredibly handsome. He is 28 years old, he started his transition relatively later in his life, at age 27. He is currently attending college majoring in language arts. He loves literature, surfing the net for porn and humorous ancedotes, and hopes to be a college professor some day. He tries to eat healthy and is working on reshaping his body to fit his ideal. Please see the video interview we did with him on his transition, his entry into adult content videos and his somewhat unique surgery (including naked before and after photos). You will find it in our Education section (click here to go right now).


Kipp's Photo Journal

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